Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Last Animation Mentor Assignment

Hello there... this is my last assignment at AM for Class 2 and I really wanted to push it a bit more so I could put it on my reel....

I learnt a lot at Animation Mentor, refining and reviewing my animation principals.. and met a lot of great people and animators... but for economic/full time work and travel reasons I think I won't be able to continue with it..
I had a blast doing this animation of Fern the farmer (character of jumping off a diving board... I tried to explore a bit more the Layering method.. and even if it was very messy at the beggining i could manage to set my ideas on it.. (it took a lot of brain power though)... I basically layered the body in stepped mode from the root out (I call this experiment "layering in stepped mode method" hehe) that started animating a cylinder to a close to final level.. and then translating that info to the root of the character.. and start layering the rest out! :) ... very fast and no much to do with the Graph Editor.. but a bit confusing to your eye and to receive critique.

I hope you guys like it... see you around.. as always! :D

Quicktime version here:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Soccer Freestyle shot

This is my "jump over a gap" assignment at Animation

I had so much fun animating this! :) I love soccer and i wanted to study it deeply this time.. it was pretty hard to find the spots were i could push it more and break it down from my video reference (which were freestylers on the web)..

so this is my "final" version of it.. i hope you guys like it! :)

c-ya around!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Soccer Kick Assignment

this is my first assignment for Class 2 at Animation Mentor... I had a lot of fun animating this.. and i am gonna do another "soccer" one for the next assignment also.. i just love soccer!!! heheheany kind of feedback would be cool.. and if you guys are interested here is the progression video of the shot from 2D concept, video reference and blocking stages :)

thanx for watching!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Class 1 Progress Reel..Animation Mentor

Compilation of my work on Class 1 at
thanx for watching!! :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personality Walk in perspective.

I picked the beat of one of my favourite shows nowadays "two and a half men" for my assignment of a personality walk at Animation mentor...
i still don't get to comfortable with Maya but somewhat i made this a "decent" animation ready for my mentor's critique :P

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Vanilla Walk...

Hi there guys... here I show you my last assignment.. "the vanilla walk"... It was quite of a challenge because I have never done a "vanilla" walk.. when i worked on Tripping the rift i did all "personality" walks for the characters (and i didn't know too much about animation :P )... and now working in games at Beenox it's also personality or character walks..
So this is the first time I do this :) i got great feedback from friends and this is my assignment "final" before the revision by my mentor..
thanx for stopping by! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went for the look of a squirrel in this assignment... I had planned a lot more than this but i have a very harsh deadline at work that didn't let me have the time i needed to do so... so i tried to keep it simple.. :)

I wanted to upload the planning I did with "DviewPaint" ( and the final result together ... I had a problem with maya.. and i couldn't be able to use the new AM arc track tool... so i had to animate Tailor's tail on 1's :S it was a bit painful and my eyes still hurting... but i think i could call it as 'final' :P

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pendulum exercise..

One of the most important principals of animation "overlap and follow-through"...
I had some trouble to find right arcs ease-in and outs.. and settles on this... probably it will have some critique and i will make it better... but this is what i came up with as a "final" shot :P

Friday, August 1, 2008

Obstacle Course of FUN! :D

I had lots of fun animating this :) got feedback wich helped me a lot!! Thanx guys!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Assignment

I had to rough a bunch of poses and sketches to pick a good one to pose Stu as my first assignment at AM... I picked the pose N'3 from the first page..

I had some trouble of going out and draw people moving cuz it was raining everyday here :S but i got to do some of them... also i had inspiration videos where i could get some of the poses and with help of the internet.. :)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Starting at Animation Mentor...

It's been a week of being in Class 1 at AM and I have to say that there is a huge comunity out there.. a lot of welcomings and meeting new and talented people willing to help you and give you feedback..

My Mentor is Nicole Herr.. she works at Sony Imageworks and has a great background and experience in animation....
I cannot wait to start my assignments and start using Maya 8.5 for the first time! :) I already customize it to make it work like 3dsmax a bit :P hehehe

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chevisodes is warming up...

This is the first animation test on-line at .. i had a lot of fun animating it and now we are working in a pre-production of a full webisode.. my fellas animators will be posting their own animation test soon.. so stay tuned! :)


CHEVisodes is a personal project that I am part of with some friends from work ( we want to produce webisodes or CG Shorts every two or three months featuring FERN the Farmer. we are starting making some acting tests.. wich we will be showing every week.. :)

The Project's WebSite :


Patrick Beaulieu : Character Animator
Daniel Huertas : Character Animator
Éric D. Légaré : Character Rigger
Jonathan Simard : Character Animator
Yves Breton : Sound Designer
Simon Dubuc : Texture Artist
Simon Girard : Scenarist
Ruben Muller : WebMaster
Christian Pacaud : Music Composer
Thomas Wilson : Fern's Voice
Daniel Boulanger : Concept Artist

We hope that you will enjoy the CHEVisodes as much as we enjoyed making them ^_^.

C&C and Feedback are always apreciated!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whooo hooo!!

Just want to say that I am very excited starting this year with a nice position at Activision/Beenox ( here in Quebec City-CANADA.. since January.. here people are very friendly and talented.. I really like working here and even if it's my first experience on video games I don't feel too much the difference... I am having a lot of fun animating here.

And also a brand new Blog wich would keep me busy and updating my animation tests all the time :) I still don't know how it works but I will learn from my mistakes.. like most of animators do :P

Also want to say that I met a lot of talented people here in Quebec and i am part of a very talented team that are working in a very nice project called "Chevisodes" wich you can check out at the rig looks awesome and very flexible... stay tuned cuz we will be showing some animation tests with the character..

thanx for reading.. and see you later! :)

.daniel huertas.