Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whooo hooo!!

Just want to say that I am very excited starting this year with a nice position at Activision/Beenox ( here in Quebec City-CANADA.. since January.. here people are very friendly and talented.. I really like working here and even if it's my first experience on video games I don't feel too much the difference... I am having a lot of fun animating here.

And also a brand new Blog wich would keep me busy and updating my animation tests all the time :) I still don't know how it works but I will learn from my mistakes.. like most of animators do :P

Also want to say that I met a lot of talented people here in Quebec and i am part of a very talented team that are working in a very nice project called "Chevisodes" wich you can check out at the rig looks awesome and very flexible... stay tuned cuz we will be showing some animation tests with the character..

thanx for reading.. and see you later! :)

.daniel huertas.