Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chevisodes is warming up...

This is the first animation test on-line at .. i had a lot of fun animating it and now we are working in a pre-production of a full webisode.. my fellas animators will be posting their own animation test soon.. so stay tuned! :)


CHEVisodes is a personal project that I am part of with some friends from work ( we want to produce webisodes or CG Shorts every two or three months featuring FERN the Farmer. we are starting making some acting tests.. wich we will be showing every week.. :)

The Project's WebSite :


Patrick Beaulieu : Character Animator
Daniel Huertas : Character Animator
Éric D. Légaré : Character Rigger
Jonathan Simard : Character Animator
Yves Breton : Sound Designer
Simon Dubuc : Texture Artist
Simon Girard : Scenarist
Ruben Muller : WebMaster
Christian Pacaud : Music Composer
Thomas Wilson : Fern's Voice
Daniel Boulanger : Concept Artist

We hope that you will enjoy the CHEVisodes as much as we enjoyed making them ^_^.

C&C and Feedback are always apreciated!!