Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Last Animation Mentor Assignment

Hello there... this is my last assignment at AM for Class 2 and I really wanted to push it a bit more so I could put it on my reel....

I learnt a lot at Animation Mentor, refining and reviewing my animation principals.. and met a lot of great people and animators... but for economic/full time work and travel reasons I think I won't be able to continue with it..
I had a blast doing this animation of Fern the farmer (character of jumping off a diving board... I tried to explore a bit more the Layering method.. and even if it was very messy at the beggining i could manage to set my ideas on it.. (it took a lot of brain power though)... I basically layered the body in stepped mode from the root out (I call this experiment "layering in stepped mode method" hehe) that started animating a cylinder to a close to final level.. and then translating that info to the root of the character.. and start layering the rest out! :) ... very fast and no much to do with the Graph Editor.. but a bit confusing to your eye and to receive critique.

I hope you guys like it... see you around.. as always! :D

Quicktime version here: