Saturday, May 23, 2009

Toy Buzzer FAIL! :P

Finally finished this small animation test, trying out Norman's power in Maya... so far so good.. great controls ;)
I found this audio clip that was very 'animatable' and easy to understand in terms of emotion and message for its only 4 - 6 seconds... the subtext was too obvious and hard for me to come up with something somewhat original.... so I asked for ideas on how I could deliver this audio clip in a way that I could play basically in one pose (cuz too short ammount of time to move around the character), and easy to read the situation from the first couple of frames.... so thanks to Simon Girard (a friend from work) and his very original and unusual ideas.... he came up with this Toy-Buzzer Fail thingy.. I loved it and tried to take the juice out of it! :) (right click & save target as..)
Now.. I know what you are all thinking.. I thought that too... but NO!... the situation is that he was in the bathroom.. and forgot to take the buzzer off his hand before doing the number one! ... there you go.. a more friendly interpretation ;P... and Where is the bathroom environment?? well I suck in Maya so it was hard for me to model all that stuff... hehehe.
It was fun to go back and animate in Maya after a full time job in 3dsmax.. I had some problems and missed some 3dsmax tools that I depend on nowadays.... but sometimes is not bad to go back and animate 'old school/rotation/translation/scale' :)
Animation Progression Clip:
Basically another layering aproach.. started animating the beats and accents of the shot applying movement to only the body parts that were important.. and then layering where the forces were coming from for those movements... kinda a backwards layering method aproach for the body :P
for the face I make sure i don't go too layer-ish.. so I work in stepped mode (pose to pose) for the facial expressions and mouth shapes that i consider important and i want the audience to read... and start to break it down from there..
so here it is! :)
Thanx for reading and I hope you guys like it!